About Us

Over at CABOUXON, we are on a mission, engaged in a global search for the finest merchandise and services available both locally and from around the world. After four generations of business operating under the synonymous name of Victor Azzopardi, a name which has reached the highest levels of trust both locally and overseas, Mr. Victor Azzopardi & his son Mr. Daniel Azzopardi have teamed up to create a more contemporary image to their family name and heirloom, this is how CABOUXON came to life!

CABOUXON, more than a commercial venture, is the expression of a way of living. We work. We love. We travel. We dine. We laugh. We study. We live life with passion, always seeking adventures, small and grand, that make life a fulfilling experience. If you'd like to join us we invite you to come along. Visit often, as we are continually updating and expanding our range of gift ideas & services.